Sailing Around

One man and his boat - on a budget. This blog is about ordinary sailing in ordinary places, with an ordinary wallet.
Some people are sailing around the world; others are sailing around Britain. I'm just sailing around...

A late start

15th April 2016, Scuttlebutt

It feels like a late start to the season this year, with windy and grey weather.

Did pop out to Derwyn to check everything after the storms and apart from the fuel tank having fallen down into the outboard well, all was fine.

I guess I need to think about a scrub. I did buy a set of £15 waterproof overalls to try and make life a bit cleaner this year…

Entry in

25th January 2016, Scuttlebutt

Things have been a little busy of late, so Derwyn’s been somewhat neglected. Hoping to splash out on a new mainsail cover at some point to make up for it though.

In other news, the entry for this year’s Round The Island Race is in. Not by me, but by Charles and there’s a strong chance Deneb will be race ready and her crew will have figured out how to tack her by then…